Futives is a content creator and gamer who has been playing video games ever since he was a kid. He has been playing Call of Duty for over 10 years, earning over $29,000+ in winnings from Call of Duty tournaments.

Futives has created content ever since he was a kid but has been producing content on a consistent basis since 2020 and has become the only 280-pound 6’8 cyber athlete. Futives has also been known to have extreme gaming capabilities in any title touched.

With over 15 championships he is feared across many titles. While currently not signed with any organization, his DMs are always open.


How do I pronounce Futives?
fyü-tivs / few-tivs.
What was Futives first call of duty?
First played was COD4
First owned was Black Ops 1.
What is Futives real name?
What does Futives look like?
Where does Futives live?
North America.

What does Futives mean?
No comment.
How do I play with Futives?
His Twitch offers a point system that is gained through watching and interacting which can be redeemed for games together, 1v1s, and more!
How many tournaments have you played?
You can see my tournament placings here

Why is Futives a cat?