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Tournament Winnings

DateTournamentPrize PoolGamePlacementWinnings
10/21/2021TST x Movember Promod$15,000Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2nd Place$1,000
10/31/2021Aimlabs x Strahfe Modern Warfare Throwback SND Masters
$5,000Call of Duty: Modern Warfare1st Place$1,250
11/30/2021TST ProSim Invitational$150,000Call of Duty: Vanguard1st Place$16,500
02/02/2022Hitch Hide 'n' Seek (Hiders)$15,000Call of Duty: Warzone4th Place$250
07/02/2022BAMS Sniper Only HP/S&D $1,500Call of Duty: Modern Warfare1st Place$250
11/07/2022TST ProSim Invitational (MWII)$60,000Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II2nd Place$4,000